Monday, June 07, 2010

Helen Thomas' statement

About Israel. Basically if you look at it she's giving an elaboration on "Go back to where you came from", only it's particularly mean in this case because 'where you came from' are countries where the folks who live in Israel were murdered. There's not a lot of chance that most Israelis would particularly want to go back there.  But she's right in that people in Israel came from Poland, Germany, and the United States, plus Russia and miscellaneous countries. It does bring up the question of where Israelis would go if they did leave Palestine. First, there's the Palestine that's recognized as such by the international community, that is Gaza and the West Bank, then there's Palestine in the broader sense of the land that Israel calls Israel, which was majority Muslim for over a thousand years before the state of Israel was declared. In a sense Helen Thomas made a good point in that if you look at where people have actually lived in the past, you see a diaspora with folks of Jewish descent living outside of Israel for hundreds and hundreds of years in Europe, while people still lived in what's now Israel, first with a large Christian community and then with the same people converting to Islam and living their lives. Europe was where the mass murder of the Jews occurred, but if that had not happened then it would be perfectly acceptable to say that you're not really from the Middle East, you're from Germany and Poland, which was the subtext of Thomas' statement. And something that people don't want to face. I believe Tzipi Livni, Israeli minister, has blond hair and blue eyes, for example, very Middle Eastern features.

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Lian - Au said...

Exactly! As far as I am concerned Israel is a huge blunder, a land forcibly taken from the Palestinian people and given to people who had long lived elsewhere because everyone felt sorry for them. Why did they not take land from someone else and give the Rom their own homeland and any other displaced culture. The Zionists were given something that was not the givers to give! Then on top of that the Zionists want more so continually try to steal what little land the Palestinians still have. I doubt that Israel will be satisfied until they have destroyed the now miniscule Palestine territory and sent all the Palestinians packing, so they can snatch the land for themselves. All Israel is ever given for its atrocities is a slap on the wrist, yet other countries are treated severely and even invaded! The minute the American Jews (Zionists?) jump up and down - and they don't even live in Israel - any thought of sanction or whatever is hastily shelved. I agree with with Helen Thomas, send them all back to the land of their origins! The Israelites call everyone a terrorist who doesn't agree with their systematic annihilation of Palestine - seems to me it is the pot calling the kettle black!