Saturday, June 12, 2010

Mercer Island, thoughts

Mercer Island is probably the richest enclave in Western Washington State. Medina, where Bill Gates lives, is also really really wealthy, but it's pretty tiny compared to Mercer Island, so it's not really in the running. I stopped over in Mercer Island after doing some things on the East Side, which is what the eastern suburbs across Lake Washington, where Mercer Island sits, are referred to as. Went around the island, was surprised that there were many large homes but next to no businesses that I could find.
All in all I left thinking about what to do about Mercer Island. Possibly nationalize the houses and relocate the residents, intern them and teach them manual labor skills then forbid them from occupying anything other than minimum or near minimum wage jobs? It's a possibility. Subdivide their large houses into apartments and make it affordable housing, like the Soviets did to the mansions in St. Petersberg? Maybe, maybe.

*maybe not subdivide their houses into apartments. 

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