Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Ok, here's a slight immigration problem

One that's pretty small, but that I don't think people have talked about much. There has to be a downside to stuff, it can't all be roses. Anyways, this problem doesn't have to do with folks who come across the border and work as day laborers or hotel maids but folks who come over here and work as doctors, engineers, or big businessmen. Not folks who run a restaurant or a corner store but big business people. The problem is this: there are a number of people in these positions who have essentially come for the money and have little or no respect for liberal values, things like freedom of expression, freedom of speech, and who essentially see folks who are poor as not mattering whatsoever and having no rights. They also tend to absorb racism against blacks. They take most of these values from the societies they come from, in this case being the elite of those societies as opposed to peasant farmers. So they come over here and join the Republican party, if they're not Muslim, have hard line social conservative values, have lots of money, and have influence in society because of their careers. And they raise their kids in their image. Conformism is the norm, not questioning, and they look down on Americans who are in any way non-corporate and liberal in either their beliefs or in their lifestyle. They don't believe in equality and believe that they're the entitled elite, even though they really don't give a damn about some of the core values of this country.

They're a problem that's not often acknowledged. Fortunately, it's not like every immigrant in these positions is like this. Most really like America and American values, and are good people. But the bad apples are there and should be noticed for what they are.

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