Thursday, June 03, 2010

The Tea Party and militias, or, Wake UP! They're organizing already and so should we

Period. Look at this, it's an article on Alternet outlining Tea Party organizing that's explicitly about overthrowing liberal democracy, although of course it's always the "New World Order" that they're attacking. These people are organizing, accumulating weapons, and training to eventually make a move to impose their version of Fascism onto the United States. We desperately need to do some organizing of our own to counter them. When I say organizing I don't mean having marches, although that would be useful, but core organizing of people into militant groups pledged to oppose the Tea Party on the local and possibly national level if they try to make a move. I should be clear on this: militant means ready to oppose them in the streets, directly. More than just waving signs. Arms are a really bad idea, but there's nothing to stop people from organizing using their bodies. My idea at this point would be to start forming groups that monitor local Tea Party activity as well as activity on the national level, are discrete, don't call attention to themselves or put themselves in harms' way, meet, discuss issues related to the greater context that all of this exists in, and decide about both contingency plans and further organizing. It would be something that would be disciplined and not full of people wanting to wantonly cause trouble. The force would be essentially reactive, with ideas drawn up for if things start to hit the fan.

Decide whether or not you can commit to fighting them should that day ever come. This is, by the way, exactly what the "Oath Keepers", who are in fact armed and who are in fact police and soldiers commit too, and they talk about the Constitutionality of what they're doing all the time. It should be no different with us, except that since we're leftists of course everything will be different, but we should do it anyways.

Observe, think, organize.

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