Thursday, June 17, 2010

Would you rather have a sociology degree or a degree in hotel management? Or, sometimes liberal arts and social sciences are the way to go

Because we hear all the time that these degrees are useless in the real world. Well, the rejoinder to that is that life is long and that while they may not help you get a job right out of college as quickly as a business degree, they'll help you a lot in the rest of your life provided that you get some education and insights into how the world of white collar jobs works. Think of it this way: who would you rather hire, somebody who spent their college years studying society or someone whose best achievement in school was writing a paper about Marriot? Somebody who studied in depth the history of a society or somebody who studied how to make hamburgers more efficiently? What these disciplines take away in the immediate they give back in the medium term in that people who do them actually know something about the world and not just about narrow business practices.

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