Monday, July 26, 2010

The interesting charge of bias as it appears in the right-wing media

Bias happens all the time, but the right wing media has taken the idea of it out of the realm of social bias and instead made it into a concept where if a person has expressed support for any sort of ideology--that is, if they've said that they're liberal--that nothing they say can be taken seriously as objective arguments. They evade the question of whether or not the person is actually right by a sort of character assassination that makes everyone with a point of view out to be a sort of seething demagogue who doesn't have a leg to stand on with their arguments--without looking at the arguments themselves whatsoever. In fact, they often don't cover the specific arguments that people have or they purposely distort them in order to make them less attractive. So bias becomes the lazy person's way to avoid having to argue, to engage in arguments that might actually reveal some of what the person in question believes and therefore make them less than pristine in the sympathetic right wing public's mind.

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