Tuesday, August 17, 2010


A heretical thought, I know, is to be down on JFK, but if you look at the record there's some justification for it. Specifically, I'm thinking of his Inaugural Speech, where he devoted most of it to the topic of containing the dreaded Soviet menace in the Third World. Only problem: it was actually the western countries who were exploiting those countries and were committed to keeping control of them post decolonization. The Soviet Union, compared to that collective force, was rather weak, and instead helped these countries where it could as opposed to waging an all out war on the west. In fact, during the Cold War it was the west who wanted to destroy all opposition, whether Soviet, non-aligned, or Chinese, in order to put in business friendly regimes.
Kennedy essentially puts forward that he wants the Third World integrated into a capitalist lead model, and in fact the United States made war on much of the Third World in order to keep that model intact, which in its fully manifested form meant business as usual, a continuation of dependency that started with colonialism.

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