Monday, August 30, 2010

Christian Zionism--an interesting way for Evangelicals to dodge something that's a traditional source of anti-semitism

Anti-Semitism in the Middle Ages had several bases. If we dismiss the crude accusations of sacrificing children and poisoning wells, or of people who are Jewish having horns, we're left with two major ones, i.e. the idea of deicide, or that the idea that, quote "The Jews Killed Christ", and a more subtle one that nevertheless impacted folks in the Middle Ages quite severely, and also on through the Renaissance. It's this latter basis of Anti-Semitism that Evangelicals dodge the bullet on through adhering to Christian Zionism.

Put simply, the question in the Christian Middle Ages, once notions of collective guilt for something that happened centuries ago were put aside, was why people who were Jewish had not become Christian? After all, Christ was supposedly the Jewish Messiah, and yet the people expected to welcome him had not recognized him as such, and continued not to despite living in the midst of a Christian society.

By seeking to retain their traditions and culture, and religion, people who were Jewish living in the Middle Ages became a challenge to society in the eyes of ecclesiastical authority.

Today you have folks who believe that it's immoral not to suffer a witch to live, although they rarely act on their beliefs, and who believe that absolute Biblical law should be imposed on society. What, then, would they make of people who are Jewish who don't want to be part of the theocracy? They use the Old Testament, want to implement Old Testament law, worship Christ who was the Messiah to the Jews, what would they really think when it came down to it about folks who decided that they didn't want Christian law despite being Jesus' target audience?

So it's lucky that the Christian Zionists have fixed this idea in their minds that the establishment of the State of Israel was necessary for the coming of the Apocalpyse, because if they didn't have it the consequences of their theocratic beliefs would be worked out much sooner.

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