Saturday, August 21, 2010

"Taking Afghanistan Seriously", comic by Tom Tomorrow

Here. I don't think that Credo Action would approve of me hotlinking to the comic, but here's a description of it: we have Serious Man and Frivolous Boy. Serious Man says in the first cell that $300 Billion dollars on a war is well spent, even if there isn't really that much of a point, which you would understand....if you were as serious as he was. Frivolous boy in the next cell says that gee it would be great if that money were spent on infrastructure.....but that he's a frivolous nincompoop, and probably would have spent it on ice cream, so what does he know? It goes on from there with the Serious/Frivolous point/counterpoint. I especially like the cell were they talk about the justification for killing civilians of the "Fog of War", one of the stupidest and most pernicious American ideas with regards to responsibility for your actions. Kill a bunch of civilians, women and children? Gosh darn, these things just happen, you know, I mean, it's like something reached out and made those soldiers fire on them, they can't be held responsible. War is confusing, and sometimes that confusion extends to gender and age. But, when it comes to welfare in the home country....personal responsibility folks, can't let people get off the hook with a couple hundred dollars of government money every month or it will sap their moral principles.

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