Thursday, September 16, 2010

Casual advocacy of breaking labor laws in a book on increasing your productivity called "Thriving in the Workplace"

Part of the "For Dummies" series. Yes, I'm reading "Thriving in the Workplace for Dummies", and yes it has a section where the author casually refers to people as nuisances who point out that labor laws are being broken. The offending paragraph is below, with the sentence in question put in bold. If you're looking at the book itself it's on page 383, Chapter II of "Book V", under the section "Understanding Personality Types", relating to the work place:

"The obsessive worker
This person wants to get things right. He's an information junkie and may be a loner. You can identify this person by the way he devours information -- the more, the better! He'll do outrageous amounts of work, but he doesn't like to make decisions because he's afraid that the decision he makes may be wrong. He also generally functions as the watchdog for the company, being the first to point out that the company or employees aren't following policies or labor laws. Working with the obsessive personality takes a lot of patience. In most cases, the best response is a polite "thank you" when offered advice or suggestions, but don't try to absorb or understand everything that is being said. Try not to feel this person is trying to outsmart you, accept what is factual, and attempt to disregard all the superfluous overlays."

I know, those busy bodies who point out when a company is breaking the fucking law, what pains in the ass.

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