Monday, September 20, 2010

Fundamentalist Christianity an American disease

Unlike conservative Christianity in other countries, Fundamentalist Christianity in the United States is born out of a kind of intellectual degeneration that's occurred in certain areas, where as a trade off for greater freedom and economic opportunity, and not having anyone tell you what to do, great ignorance has grown up that leads to stupidity manifesting in multiple forms. Little towns established out of nothing in the middle of nowhere by folks looking to be farmers and be prosperous turn into barren mental wastelands because in rejecting the greater culture the people involved also reject the idea of using your brain for anything besides the most banal activities. Into this void walk fundamentalist preachers who are barely educated themselves and who view interpretation of the Bible as a sort of divinatory exercise that makes use of chance meanings that disregards any overall strategy for interpretation that would be recognized by serious Biblical scholars, or clergymen seriously educated in what the Bible is about. And the folks in the towns eat it up. Fundamentalist Christianity in these cases is on par with books like 'The Bible Code', which suggests that there are prophecies specifically relating to late 20th Century America, and Israel, encoded somehow in the Torah. It's also the reason why some folks who are fundamentalist Christians believe that an apocalyptic New World Order is on the way and don't care about who knows that they believe this.

The idea of 'culture' is very subjectively interpreted here. We're not dealing with Bourgeois philistine culture here but something even worse and more primal, the culture of people who established a sort of mind free utopia in the wilds of North America, particularly in what's known as "The Heartland" and who are pissed off when you point out that their delusions based on a kind of primal willful ignorance in fact don't conform to any accepted notions of logic, truth, or fact. Complete, deep, willful ignorance is a good way to describe it. Add the Constitution in their to the Bible, with similar esoteric methods of interpretation that have either nothing or next to nothing to do with how people in the law actually interpret the Constitution and you get a potent recipe for people to try to mess up the rest of world by.

These folks live in a dream world, and if I was less kind I'd suggest that we establish parks for them to live in, label them a protected species, and erect high walls around the reserves so that they would never be allowed to influence the rest of the country outside of their little territory, looking at them as historical curiosities from a bygone age. We have to deal with them seriously, however.

And that's hard, because they believe in things that are manifest lies that can easily be disproven with basic logic but refuse to admit that. Eventually there's going to be some sort of a confrontation with these people, and the issue will be decided: either a Fascistic dictatorship run by morons and idiots who look to Bible verses for predictions of the immediate future, or a more Enlightened country that while respecting these folks freedom of thought and religion refuses to let them run things.

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