Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Glenn Greenwald on Democracy Now! about the Democratic media

Although I agree that the Democrats on the whole are avoiding things like Afghanistan, I don't think that there's any particular conspiracy by folks like those on MSNBC to avoid covering them and instead cover the Tea Party candidates. This is what Greenwald seemed to be implying, and I don't use the idea of conspiratorial thinking lightly because it's been used over and over in improper ways to try to discredit the Left. But this is what Greenwald seemed to say. Instead, I think that the lack of focus on Afghanistan and Iraq is an outcome of the basic positions of the commentators. They're less likely to challenge the Democratic establishment, and the Tea Party is a very valid concern, so they focus on the Tea Party while ignoring some of the flaws of the Democratic party. No conspiracy necessary. When it comes to particular Democratic candidates and their campaigns it might be a different issue, not really with O'Donnell since Karl Rove of all people, Bush's fixer and strategist, has been extremely vocal in condemning her, but with Sharon Angle and Harry Reid. Reid is unappealing, and Angle is nuts, so it's in his personal interest to bring the focus on her and divert it from himself. Yet there's a difference between Democratic campaigns and the Democratic media. Rachel Maddow and Olbermann don't actually work for Harry Reid even though they may be less willing to challenge him than other commentators.

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