Saturday, September 11, 2010

Interesting statements by residents of Ocala, FL, where I lived on September 11th

I wasn't planning on writing about Ocala, where I was living when the attacks of 9/11 occurred, but because of the Quran burner up the highway in Gainesville I found myself on, and so checked out their coverage. Here.

The quotes are so nice: "“Evil tries to destroy hope,” he said, “but we’re a different kind of people.”, and "“I really think the whole of America has lost sight of what happened,” Bruce said. “We need to get back to basics, to believing in ourselves.”"

They obscure things like the fact that an owner of an Ocala furniture store (or was it a carpet store?) who had large display windows facing the street put up in six feet high letters the words "No Muslims" on them using masking tape. Or the general patriotic and xenophobic hysteria which erupted in this very Christian city, often expressed in religious terms, with talk about retribution and violence, with immediate and total support of both the invasion of Afghanistan and the concept of a War on Terror on the Islamic world filling the Star Banner. There wasn't much hope or believing in ourselves, there was lots of blood lust.

I was going to school at Central Florida Community College in Ocala at the time, and heard from a person I was living with that a plane had flown into the World Trade Center before I left for classes, but I thought that it was something like a Cessna and that it was just a kind of freak news story. By the time I got to school I had realized that this could be something much more serious, and folks were walking around talking about how not a Cessna but a jet, and then jets, had hit the World Trade Center. It was utter confusion. There was a TV lounge on I believe the second floor of the library, although it might have been another building, and I eventually made my way to it after getting an idea of what was going on from some people, and sat there watching the coverage of it on CNN for a while.

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