Wednesday, September 08, 2010

International Burn a Quran Day on 9/11.....I used to live in that city, and it's not what you think

The story is this: Dove World Outreach Center is located in Gainesville, Florida, yet Gainesville isn't your typical small town in the middle of nowhere. Instead, it's a small city, home to the University of Florida, and quite liberal. It even has a gay mayor currently. Size wise it's about on par with Ann Arbor in Michigan. The thing is that it's surrounded by conservative Christians who resent the presence of the University, yet, ironically, are often economically dependent on it for jobs in one way or another. So every once and a while they decide to do something provocative, something that they know will make the liberal folks of Gainesville upset, and the Quran burning day is one of those provocative acts. Unfortunately, it's gone from just being a local thing that's distasteful to being something that's getting both national and international coverage, which probably goes beyond the wildest dreams of the people who started it and who are running it. They most likely want lots of confrontation.

As for the Quran itself, they might not know this, or they may have found it out after they announced the burn a Quran day, but the Quran is looked at in Islam not as just a book, but as the mother of the books, as the sort of primal source of not just all other revelation but of all knowledge itself. The Quran is the physical manifestation of a primal Quran that existed before time and that contained the seeds of all this wisdom in its writings. By burning Qurans, they're burning a sort of primal knowledge of both the sacred world and the material world, according to Islam. Not a good thing to do.

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