Thursday, September 09, 2010

Jack Chick tells us what he thinks of black people....through what he leaves out of his tract "Adapted for Black Audiences"

Known as "Hard Times". Well, the most obvious thing that Chick has left out is words! Yes sir, in this tract specially "Adapted for black audiences" (scroll down to see it), the story is not just set with an all black cast but in fact has no words spoken by the characters whatsoever until the last couple of cells, where one character says "Jesus loves you! I'll go for help!" and the main character has a "Jesus loves me?" thought bubble. However, before that, there is a flier the boy finds that says "Somebody loves me", and his alcoholic father who kicks him out on the street does say "Hic". It's all told in a sort of wordless mime up until the end though, making one reach for the strange and unnerving induction that Jack Chick believes that black people can't read, and that therefore any tract specifically addressed to them can't have any words in it. In virtually every other comic he's written the characters are extremely wordy, engaged in talk about Christianity, God, Jesus, that whole thing. From a preacher who believes that the Catholic Church created the Holocaust, as well as Islam, something so offensive in his treatment that it should be given a post of its own, looking at black people as being somehow illiterate seems a little misplaced. But, check out the tracts, as well as the Wiki page on Chick, which is where you can find Chick's anti-Catholic, Islam, anti-Hindu etc... hijinks, along with the normal ones of witchcraft, satanism, homosexuality, and rock music.

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