Thursday, September 02, 2010

The new translation of Seraphita by Balzac to be put out by Dedalus Books later this year is eagerly awaited

Home page of Dedalus, with a stylish book, a cigar, and glass of Absinthe on a table. I like these people. ***on edit, wait, it's not a new translation, it's the old translation reissued. Oh well. Dedalus still rocks, and is still the finest purveyor of Decadent and Symbolist literature out there, one that's completely unique in its focus. And they're scholars as well, which means that you don't just get rehashes of the classics that everyone knows are sort of 'Decadent' but real works that are meaningful within the history of the movement itself. In other words, stuff you might not be familiar with but that's really good and that you should read.

Dedalus' "Seraphita" page is Here.

The subsection of their general catalog page entitled "Decadence/The Empire of the Senses" is Here

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