Thursday, September 23, 2010

Obama is going to have to make a choice--acknowledge Progressive demands or lose more influence in Washington

The door swings both ways. The reality is that Obama needs Progressive support to be able to have a Congress that can get things done, and he's in no position to dictate demands to Progressives who in fact hold the balance with independent voters of whether he'll be able to do that after November. Ultimately, it's not just about Republicans and Tea Party people taking over and gaining influence in the House and Senate, it's also about whether Obama personally will be able to act in ways that he would like to act, it's about his own personal agenda. He'll be able to work that personal agenda to a greater degree if he acknowledges Progressives and Progressive demands as being legitimate, thereby garnering at least some good will from them. As it stands now, people don't want to be abused and then asked to support candidates that they don't agree with. What have you done for me lately, Obama?

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