Friday, September 17, 2010

Will AK go for O'Donnell as well?

Some may say I'm beating a dead horse here, and of course I respect all the work AK has done in putting out both lots of classic books by Anarchist authors, works of history on the Anarchist movement, and new books by Anarchist thinkers, but it's still disturbing to me that they'd laughingly support Glenn Beck because he's against the Left, which they seem to be as well. Which is strange, because Anarchists are Leftists, and I thought that fighting corporate power and capitalism was more important than internicine fighting about who's an authoritarian and who isn't. Yet in the face of a straight out Fascist who first treats all progressives like they were Stalinists and then intimates that enemies of America should be shot without trial (the infamous Shoot him in the head clip about a Taliban leader)....and who constantly links the Left to terrorism....AK issues a funny funny open letter to Glenn Beck complaining about the Left really sucking and saying that the book he's featuring that they put out isn't about Communism it's about Anarchism, which is tooootally different than most Leftism altogether. They're totally square, man, and they persecuted people in Spain who we have no connections to but whose writings we read once.

So I wonder if they'll continue to respond to the Tea Party in this way. Christine O'Donnell of Delaware has apparently just given a speech where she has repeatedly referred to liberals as the ruling class and the ruling elite and has put herself on the side of the people, as well as traditional values, religion, and the constitution. Now, given that there is actually populist uproar about the economy and against fat cats, will the folks there, in their public statements, say that they understand the frustration but defend liberal values as well, or will liberals and liberal values get the same treatment as leftists--people who don't matter. Fascism in Mussolini's time made lots of appeals to workers and to the people, and in Nazi Germany the constant theme was that Jews were oppressing workers with Jewish finance capital. Just because a person makes an appeal to The People doesn't mean that they have the right idea, and to quote Jello Biafra's song "Nazi punks--Fuck Off!", for folks who think that there's any sort of similarity between leftist expressions of populism and right wing expressions of populism, when the real Nazis come you'll likely be the first to go.

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