Sunday, October 10, 2010

Glenn Beck and Nazism

There's a parallel that disturbs me in his conspiratorial thinking, which declares that Progressives were behind both Communism and Nazism itself. This doesn't come out of the blue, and it doesn't just come out of the fact that the Nazis had "socialist" as part of their name, but builds on an established theme in conspiracy theory literature that says that both the Left and the Right are being funded and controlled by some sort of secret force. For present day hard core conspiracy theorists the Left and Right are being funded by people supporting a "New World Order", who in turn are controlled by the global elite. Back track about 90 years and you'll see Alfred Rosenberg, the Nazi ideologist, saying essentially the same thing, only in his formulation both capitalism and Communism are funded by the global elite, and the global elite are bankers who are Jews. Bankers also show up in present day New World Order conspiracy theories as being part of the global elite. The "Protocols of the Elders of Zion" is based on this premise. The function of these equivalences is to try to argue to people that, no, despite the Left being for regular people and against elites that somehow that's not really the case, and that instead of supporting people who say they're taking on elites you should support reactionaries who in non-conspiratorial thinking are more closely associated with real elites than Communists or Socialists have ever been. Here's a quote from Rosenberg, from his book "The Folkish Idea of State":

"And yet National Socialism knows that Italian Fascism has not yet surveyed the final consequences of its great battle and especially has not yet realized that in the long run it does not help to fight only the results, without also making clear to the entire people the causes of these results. Fascism still lacks the insight to see that international private and stock-exchange capitalism, against which Fascism has not begun to fight, was and is the very same element which pays for Marxist propaganda throughout the world, that a community of interest between Marxism and international loan capital existed and still exists--namely, to make the national industries which are tied to the soil dependent on mobile loan capital. And Fascism has not yet comprehended that this community of interest is symbolized by the fact that the leadership of one as well as the other power finds itself almost exclusively in the hands of the Jewish race or of a few personalities compliant to Jewish money"

George Soros, anyone?

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