Thursday, October 21, 2010

To what extent are anti-immigrant and anti-muslim sentiments in the U.S. influencing Europe's rightwing turn?

This is something that would be good to look into. I'm sort of convinced that the anti-Muslim sentiment in Europe is enabled and fueled by anti-Islam sentiment in the United States, and that the Tea Party in general is also enabling these folks to go farther than they ordinarily would.

In Europe lots of the immigrants are at the same time Muslim, so it works out really well: feed on our prejudices and use them as green lights to go at people who live where you are.

Folks don't seem to take into consideration that just because the average immigrant hating conservative who thinks Islam is a heathen religion doesn't know a damn or give a damn about the internal politics of France, Germany, or Sweden doesn't mean that they don't have influence due to the sorts of things they come out with being rebroadcast around the world as typical representations of what Americans believe.

But the more anti-immigrant and anti-Muslim the U.S. becomes the more it will embolden people on the Right in Europe and elsewhere to go forward, even if in their normal rhetoric they take a condescending view towards Americans in general. That's just what they have to say in order to keep up the appearance of having some sort of pride in themselves.

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