Monday, November 08, 2010

...and the rich hire people to help their children cheat:"Homework Helpers Help Focus Students' Attention" from the NYTimes


"If a student finds French grammar or algebra incomprehensible, a tutor in those subjects can help. But if the problem is a child who will not budge from the Xbox, or pens doodles instead of topic sentences, some harried parents with cash to spare have been turning to homework helpers who teach organizational skills and time management, or who sometimes just sit there until the work is finished.

As schools have piled on expectations and as career paths have sucked in both mothers and fathers, this niche industry is catering to “students who are capable of doing the work” but “need someone there who can just be there with them to consistently do the work in a regular manner,” said Mike Wallach, who along with Ms. Kraglievich runs the service Central Park Tutors. "

So let me get this straight....they're not just private tutors, i.e. people who give the kids educational advantages that most other kids couldn't dream of, but they're there to help little ones succeed who through either their own laziness, stupidity, or bad upbringing would otherwise not rise to the top of the class?

Wouldn't it be great for people with less money to get even half of the help that these overprivileged youngsters get.

How about this? If you're not motivated and aren't able to do well in school, don't go to college. Instead, get a vocational job, and let someone else who cares take your place. But that's not going to happen anytime soon for any kid who grows up on the Upper West Side, now, is it? Instead, they'll be pampered, with lipstick put on the pig, in order to preserve status that they don't really deserve.

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