Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Basic question for the Tea Party about limited government:

You're for less government interference in our lives, but you're for completely cracking down on illegal immigrants. Doesn't that require lots of police on the roads, lots more government officials overlooking immigration enforcement, as well as more people directly on the border? With the "Ground Zero Mosque", so called, in order to stop the construction of it you need the government, that is the police, to withdraw the permit, meaning that you're strengthening the power of government over zoning laws in order to accomplish what you want. How does this jibe with your limited government stance? Some of the Tea Party folks are against the right of gays to get married, which is an issue of government preventing people from doing something. What are your opinions about drug laws, and about crime in general? I know it's hard to summarize the opinions of lots of diverse people, but would you support more cops on the streets in order to fight crime, and do you think that personal use of drugs is something that the government should be concerned about?

Any takers?

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