Friday, December 03, 2010

Yes, being in it for the long haul

I remember the week before the WTO, 11 years ago, I was down in Ft. Bening Georgia protesting against the School of the Americas. Before that, I had been reading all about the upcoming WTO protests over the summer, but being in the Midwest and in college couldn't really do anything. And before that....I remember the huge annual anti-police brutality march in New York City in '98, strangely enough just a month or two before Amadou Diallo was shot by police for holding a wallet. Before that, I remember discovering a non-ultra ideological reading of Marx earlier in '98, Chomsky in '97, Project Censored in '96, before that reading about government oppression of activists and general misdoings via the Zine culture in '95, and reading about the Zapatista Revolution in High Times in '94. Ms. Hanks can't seem to keep her attention on the prize for two solid years.

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