Saturday, January 01, 2011

...and of course the U.S. will take Chavez' turn towards censorship as a reason to either invade or otherwise destabilize the country

Happy New Year. I'm predicting for this year that we'll see calls for "regime change" in Venezuela, instead of leaving them the fuck alone despite their turn for the worse. Neither we, nor anyone else in the world, has the right to go into any country they want and overthrow it, or otherwise destabilize it, because they don't like it. Countries exist who have terrible governments, for instance Belarus, which has just been wracked by protests over the system there, but we don't have any sort of moral right to go in and rewrite their system of government. It's called coexistence, and in the international world before Bush it was called sanity, since "Regime change" means war and the notion behind regime change in Afghanistan and Iraq really means the right of states to wage war on countries who haven't done anything to them, just because they don't like their government.

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