Saturday, January 01, 2011

"Knocked up" and Wikileaks

I find it interesting that one of the two charges against Julian Assange, namely that he had sex with a person without a condom without telling them, which is being called rape, is the same act that's at the heart of the popular movie "Knocked Up", starring Seth Rogen. The fact that this transgression is being called "Rape" and is being feted by people who believe that questioning that label is an acceptance of violence towards women, says a lot, about a number of different groups of people. I mean, who knew that all the people who liked "Knocked up", who laughed at it, were in reality championing rape? Or that a movie about rape, that excuses rape, is regularly shown on television?

One of the interesting things is that the person who's accusing him of this was the person in charge of monitoring gender related crimes at the University she was attached to, as well as having links to a right wing Cuban exile group. To me, it looks like she's exploiting the system to advance her other agenda, and intentionally playing on the predicted response of the international community. So far, the predicted response has mostly happened, which has shut down any sort of rational examination of what Assange is actually being charged with in a sea of rhetoric.

The Cuban exile link is very important in this because folks in general, folks who are socialists, which is what she claims she is, and in particular folks in Europe, don't accidentally walk into a meeting with anti-Castro groups and decide to stick around. It's not like, hey, today we'll go to an event put on by the Green Party, and tomorrow one that suggests that Castro should be violently overthrown.

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