Monday, January 24, 2011

Russia, ethnic conflict...

I hope that this bomb doesn't signal an escalation to the anti-foreigner sentiment that's been growing there for the past months. "Foreigner" in this case means people who aren't ethnically Russian, but who live in the Russian Federation, or who are from countries that are part of the former Soviet Union, say the Central Asian ones.

There's been violence back and forth between football fans and folks from the Caucuses, with a Russian person being shot, Caucuses people being beat up....and always being harassed and beyond. Russia is fast on its way to becoming a sort of Red-Brown state in actuality, which is to say a fusion of some left derived ideas, mostly expressed in an opposition to bourgeois Westernism, with some sort of collective values included, combined with far right ideas such as ultra-nationalism and moderate theocracy derived from both conservative and Fascist thought.

Setting a bomb off at an airport is not the way to stop discrimination against ethnic minorities in Russia. It may satisfy a person's sense of honor, but it's pretty pointless.

Putin has been drifting farther to the right, it seems. Originally, he was honoring, at least on paper, a kind of multi-cultural "Eurasianism" that recognized the different nationalities in Russia as having a common cultural heritage through historical reasons. But even then he revoked the ability of the different Republics within the Russian Federation to pick their own governors, who are now appointed by the central Russian government. So officially, Russia is a multi-cultural, multi-linguistic, and multi-religious state (Christianity, Islam, Judaism, Buddhism, Indigenous Beliefs), state. In practice, "Great Russian Nationalism" appears to be coming out on top.

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