Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Starting the Ur-Socialism project

Which is an attempt to describe what the essence of socialism is, or at least what some of the basic underlying themes are the run through social democracy, soviet socialism, non-soviet revolutionary socialism, and anarchism. I'm envisioning it as a kind of summary rather than a totally creative contribution on my part, and intend for it to be put out there in language completely free from jargon, completely free from sectarian rhetoric, and hopefully completely free from the cliched phrases that have dominated socialist writings in the U.S.

Because socialism has been repeatedly killed as an idea here, actual living understandings of what folks who have been part of socialist movements in the past have been for are somewhat hard to come by. However, in other parts of the world this sort of practical understanding lives on.

That understanding is largely what I'll be drawing on in the Ur-Socialism project.

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