Sunday, February 27, 2011

....and the Seattle Times shows it's bias, like it needed to be shown again, regarding the Wisconsin solidarity protest in Olympia

How? Pretty simple. It put both sides side by side, paragraph by paragraph, while never saying that the pro-Wisconsin side was 2,000 and the anti-Wisconsin side was 500. They simply said that the pro-union crowd was "much larger", which doesn't have the same ring as "four times larger".
Here. For the 2,000 and 500 figure, here's an article from The Olympian listing the figures. If it was possible for The Olympian to get the figures, surely the Seattle Times had access to them? Also in today's Seattle PI was an article starting out "Have public workers given their fair share?" and a detailed article about how the racial demographics of Washington State have changed in the last forty years.

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