Wednesday, February 09, 2011

The difference between when Progressives called Bush Hitler and Glenn Beck calling Obama a potential Hitler

I was thinking to myself, "Is there really a difference?", after all, both usages are somewhat offensive, even if you're cynical and jaded. I think the answer is a definite yes, and there's a pretty simple reason behind it: Progressives usually used it to suggest that Bush was either a dictator or on the way to being a dictator. There usually wasn't too much specific attachment to Hitler himself in it other than Hitler is more identifiable than Mussolini, who half the country doesn't even know. In fact, the label "Busholini" was coined by some to refer to Bush. But there wasn't any suggestion that Bush was going to set up concentration camps, even for Muslims, or carry out any sort of genocidal action. With Beck, on the other hand, it's different.

From what I've seen, and, sure, it comes somewhat from sources that are less than favorable to Glenn, Beck believes that Obama wants to be a new Stalin, and that Stalin and Hitler were interchangeable in terms of vision, only differing in victims. He actually says that Progressives want a Nazi-esque revolution, which he pins on socialist revolution. And he's definitely said that if Progressives aren't stopped that something like Mao's cultural revolution and various failed economic changes will happen, that will kill lots of people and put lots of others in prison while totally eliminating freedom etc.. etc.. etc.. and then it's all tied back to the Swastika, showing that Beck really *cough* 'is' bi-partisan.

But, hey, a Swastika is a Swastika, and saying that Obama's a Communist, wants to implement a Communist revolution that will kill lots of people, and then saying that Communism and Nazi-ism are the same thing s saying that Obama is like Hitler in a much clearer and more specific way than folks at Progressive demonstrations and protests who held up signs with Bush as Hitler for general shock value and to make a simple point.

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