Tuesday, February 08, 2011

The fallout of Tucson---enough is enough

Like many people, when the shootings in Tucson happened I at first got extremely angry, but then started to think about just what the political rhetoric that I was putting out there could be leading to. I think this sort of collective evaluation has been good, but it's apparent that Obama is using the specter of divisiveness to push a doctrine perceived as being non-divisive: pro-corporate centrism. It's unacceptable that criticisms of Obama's increasing cave in to business, advocating for free trade agreements and offering to go through regulations--regulations meant to protect the environment, workers, and consumers---and cut those deemed non-essential, can be labeled as divisive partisanship that can only have bad consequences. It's very convenient for Obama.

We need to hold Obama accountable and not let the new era of peace and love, of Republicans sitting next to Democrats in the State of the Union, blind us to what values really count.

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