Tuesday, February 08, 2011

What fixation does Glenn Beck have with the "Western" way of life?

Because throwing in the term "Western", without any obvious justification, is what white supremacists usually do. Here's a quote from Media Matters:

"What does the Young Communist League have to do with the UAW or the steelworkers? Progressive, socialist, Marxist groups, religious groups, green groups, communist, powerful unions led by communists, SEIU, AFL-CIO. Radical groups like La Raza -- what did all of these groups -- what were they all working together for?

Well, in one way or another, they want to end the Western way of life as you and I understand it. They may disagree on exactly what the new way of life will be."

So you have Communists threatening the Western way of life......and La Raza. Considering that La Raza is a hispanic organization it's pretty clear that Beck is saying that hispanics are threatening the white Western way of life in the United States. "Western" and showing a preference for "Western culture" are nice code words that show what side you're on without having to say that you're racist or that you're "pro-white". Then again, sometimes people really do talk about western civilization without these overtones. Context is everything.

If Communists, who Beck is falsely claiming run Unions, are opposing the Western way of life, what are they advocating? The Eastern way of life, possibly, which brings to mind accusations from the '50s that Communism is really a Asiatic way of organizing society that's foreign to European man.

Nice one, Glenn, and one that I'm betting is done with full consciousness.

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