Monday, March 14, 2011

Equal time to avoid bias and avoiding conclusions....

Of course everyone's point of view should be heard, but my impression about what really constitutes a lot of the supposed liberal bias of the news is that simply looking at facts and drawing conclusions from them that conservatives do not like is a big component. However, that's what people do to figure out meaning. Without some sort of conclusion all you have is a pile of facts that aren't arranged into any sort of coherent whole. That the conclusions arrived at aren't the ones conservative commentators would like is no reason to dismiss meaning from facts and presenting actual arguments as a whole. It's this misguided attitude that allows people to think that, despite several entire disciplines devoted to investigating the issue, thinking that the earth is more than 5,000 years old is evidence of liberal bias. Or that the theory of evolution is inherently biased. What they fail to do is to look at the evidence themselves and draw alternate conclusions that can actually be supported.

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