Monday, March 14, 2011

The Fading Power of Beck’s Alarms By David Carr

Nice and not really hysterical article on Glenn Beck and Fox's potential canning of him in December, nine months away. I like it because it reduces Beck from being a sort of super being on the side of evil to being a small, rather pathetic, man. It's hard not to freak out about some of the things that he says on his show, the viewership that laps it up, and the environment that it helps to create, but when it comes down to it Beck isn't a truly larger than life figure but an "All too Human" example of life in contemporary America.

Here are some good quotes:

"The problem with “Glenn Beck” is that it has turned into a serial doomsday machine that’s a bummer to watch.

Mr. Beck, a more gifted entertainer than most cable hosts, can still bring it, lighting up with characters and voices. But much of the time, there is sense that the fatigue from always being on alert, tilting forward in the saddle against the next menace, is starting to wear him down.

What had been a fast and loose assault on all things liberal has grown darker and less entertaining, especially with the growing revolution in the Middle East, a phenomenon Mr. Beck sees as something of a beginning to some kind of end. He’s often alone in the studio with his chalkboards and obscure factoids, a setting that reminds me of an undergrad seminar on macroeconomics with an around-the-bend professor I didn’t particularly enjoy."

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