Friday, March 25, 2011

Fashion and religion, a connection?

It's interesting that the two countries in Europe best known for their style, France and Italy, are Catholic, while countries in the Protestant heartland, such as Denmark, Sweden, England, aren't known for their fashion sense or style. Well, there was the whole Mod craze and subsequent developments in England. But in general, these countries are better known for their furniture than for their fashion sense. Could a reason be the de-emphasis on religious imagery and adornment that came with the Protestant Reformation, where any kind of Church decoration, many kinds of vestments, to say nothing of religious iconography and art in general, was looked on as a symptom of idolatry that was opposed to the pure Christian spirit?

France is fa├žionable, Italy as well, and Spain is up there. Of course there are designers in other countries, and according to this idea half of Germany should be fashionable as well. But lack of Puritanical ideas regarding adornment and expression....Certainly we missed the boat on this in the U.S.

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