Monday, March 28, 2011

It amazes me that the Right is somewhat successful in getting working class people to oppose unions

Because labor rights are about more than just money. One of the core points in having a union shop is having some sort of appeal process when a person is threatened with being fired, so that employers can't threaten or intimidate workers with the threat of immediate firing for no apparent reason. Or for political reasons, in the sense of office politics. Because contracts have such a sovereign right in the United States it's understood that what happens between an employee and an employer is a private matter in almost all respects, with things such as age, race, sex and religion excepted. In other words, no matter if you work for a very large company on a lower level, you are thought of as meeting the employer on equal terms in the market place, and are thought to have worked out a deal in equality, no matter that it's the company that usually sets the rules for hiring and not the employee. What happens subsequently is thought to be much like a contract between two companies, where the government won't intervene. In other words, you have no basic labor rights for things like unreasonable firing. You have no rights as a worker. The only way you get some sort of rights is by voting in a union.

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