Saturday, March 26, 2011

Sexting...a way for images to get to pedophiles

Very interesting article from the New York Times: "A Girl’s Nude Photo, and Altered Lives". having a Washington connection. While the article itself is about the consequences of teenagers sharing nude pictures of each other, and what penalties if any they should get for doing so, the bigger question is what happens when some of these pictures are collected by folks who aren't teenagers and shared. That's when it ceases to be something controversial having to do with kids and becomes outright pedophilia. I think there are indications that things of that sort may already be occurring.

American porn, arguments about porn in general being pushed aside for a second, has had this weird fixation for years about getting women who are younger and younger looking into it, with titles having to do with women who are either 18 or 19 proliferating. After you're 18 your a free agent, but there are folks who are 18 who look like they're much younger and folks who are 18 who look like they're older, and some companies seem to prefer the former. In any case, there's also this realm of amateur porn on the web, with amateur in this case meaning that there are no records keeping documenting the ages of the people involved. There are "Amateur" porn videos and sites put out by reputable people who keep track of ages and file all the requirements, but there's also this kind of shady world of folks who share amateur pictures and videos of each other without that. As part of that world there are also amateur torrents and sites that emphasize 18-19 year old amateurs. Or, more ambiguously "young amateurs". The assumption is that the young amateurs are of legal age, but because there's no record of where these photos come from, who they're of, there's no guarantee that the people involved really are 18 or 19.

A kind of grey area, especially involving "girlfriend pictures" is evolving. I don't follow this closely because I'm not interested in women who look like children, but it is noticeable. So there's always the possibility that some teen sexting pictures will end up on these sites, or more generally either be sold to or acquired by pedophiles who will use sexting as their pot of gold.

I'm not sure how to prevent this, but my general opinion is that pedophiliac tendencies in mass culture shouldn't be fed.

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