Saturday, April 30, 2011

The book by Alea Erjavec "Postmodernism and the Post-Socialist Condition" is really good as well

Actually just edited by Erjavec, the book is a series of essays about the art of the Eastern Bloc in the '80s, and is very, very, interesting. In a sense, it looks at the question: what happens when official state realism is relaxed and in its place more symbolic work is both possible and also able to be made in such a way that it criticizes official culture to a certain extent? This is what happens. The "Post-Modern" part looks at the critique of socialist society by these artists as being post-modern in the sense that industrialized Soviet Communism represented Modernism in a somewhat pure form. But perhaps it's too easy to see a rejection of the political considerations of Soviet socialism as being a rejection of modernity as a whole in its sense as a unifying myth or 'narrative', if you want to use the fashionable terminology.

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