Friday, April 08, 2011

Genetics and coffee, or, how we're all fucked

Fucked not because of genetics but because of how our society has come to fetishize anything associated with DNA to the detriment of actually looking at society. There was a report that hit the news wires yesterday saying that there are two genes that might influence people to like coffee, no matter that how genes are actually expressed, and what the consequence of that expression may be, and how those expressions are modified by society, family, country, occupation, social class, make things a bit more complex. We're content to chalk coffee drinking up to genes, but when folks say that capitalism splits society into classes and denies a group of people access to a decent life, making it increasingly hard to achieve it, while granting that decent life very easily to people of another class, they're called conspiracy theorists.

Which is more likely: that basic whims and tastes that could be formed for a number of reasons are based on genes, or that inequality has social consequences?

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