Saturday, May 21, 2011

....and Osama bin Laden: an aberration made possible by oil money

Once again, good riddance. Saudi Arabia, like many other Gulf oil states, continues to be a place where religious ideology can be indulged in to almost any extreme because of the constant supply of cash flowing into the country through what's under the ground. Enormous excess, graft, and corruption, such as that exhibited in the Al-Yamama contract with Britain, along with sexual slavery, co-exist with pious religious police, whippings, and executions for religious reasons. How strange that a person who wanted to oppose the West was actually dependent on the West for his very prosperity, as opposed to being a Yemeni or Afghani villager. Bin Laden's 'Al Qaida' appears to be like the great empty buildings that Sultanates in the Gulf build for no other reason than just to break world records,only instead of pointless record breaking it was devoted to pointlessly spreading reaction and ignorance backed up by the power of the oil world.Hopefully with this aberration gone life will get back to some semblance of normalcy in the United States and elsewhere.

I feel that now that the guy is dead it's possible to lay it out without contributing to the right wing noise machine.

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