Monday, May 23, 2011

Pet peeves: people who advocate the ideas of Miguel Serrano and yet proclaim that they're doing no such thing

Because one thing I hate is being fucked around with. Serrano was a hardcore neo-nazi and an esotericist living in Chile who made connections both with the Nazi exile community there and with various groups living in Europe, such as one around Wilhelm Landig. Wrote "Nos: Book of the Resurrection" and a few other prequels, plus books such as "The Golden Band: Esoteric Hitlerism" that haven't been translated into English. His political positions and take on esotericism are unmistakable in what their orientation and intent is.
Now, let's say a person is a noise musician who made a big splash in the Bay Area before moving out to Denver. Not naming names, but some folks will have an idea here. Let's say this person has made a name for himself as being a provocateur, but has denied being on the far right in any sort of conventional way. Maybe, with the Da Vinci code and similar books coming out, he starts putting out articles about all this stuff about the Holy Grail, the South of France, the Cathars, all of it, seemingly respectable. In fact, it seems like a big departure from previous work, such that some outlets, like the Sci-Fi Channel, give him the opportunity to host a special on Rennes-la-Chateau in France, the now touristy hot spot that all this Holy Blood, Holy Grail, stuff centers on. What would happen if it turned out that, in point of fact, Miguel Serrano was the source of most of their ideas on the Grail, etcetera?
Such appears to be the case, both in this case and in certain others. The fact is, writings about the Holy Grail and such don't appear to have anything to do with Nazism, so on the face of it, without any knowledge of his actual writings, the association of Miguel Serrano with all of this appears far fetched. However, if you actually get a hold of a copy of "Nos: Book of the Resurrection", which I own but which is extremely hard to find, you'll see a weird semi-science fiction landscape unfold that combines racism, grail mysticism, extraterrestrials, white supremacy, troubadors and courtly love, the South Pole, and South America. I should add that, beyond Otto Rahn, the researcher who worked for the Nazis who researched this stuff, there really is no necessary connection between this stuff and Nazism outside of Serrano's mind, although connections between fascism and Grail mysticism are stronger. But all of this echoes very well with this individuals'writings....with specific articles posted on his website, such as the one strangely talking about the gods of South America having names similar to those of European gods, having much more than general connections in subject matter to Serrano.

Quoting someone who believes that what he calls, or called because he's dead now, the "Path of A-Mor" or courtly love, that he believes "Esoteric Hitlerism" is the contemporary manifestation of kills any claims to have credibility beyond that of the far right.

Here's a nice YouTube video of Serrano commemorating Adolph Hitler's 100th birthday

In my opinion, it's a shame that a left wing Chilean didn't knock off Serrano before he was able to die of natural causes. Simply repeating his ideas, of course, does not in my opinion merit such treatment.

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