Monday, June 20, 2011

Another thing confirmed through reading speeches from Third Reich figures

Which is that if fascism was to come to the U.S., hell it already did with George W. Bush, that not all of it would be as easy to see as you would think. The notion that everything these people put out was as crude as Julius Streicher's "Der Sturmer", or that it exclusively focused on people who are Jewish, is false. Instead, they levied their brutality with a lot of statements and documents that were not quite so extreme on their surface, but that still had the essential concepts and underpinnings that their extremism had. It appears that the most horrible statements by figures in the regime were given in secret, to select groups of people, the king of which most likely being Himmler's speech to high SS officers talking about his reasoning behind killing women and children and why he believed this should happen. If history is any indicator, people should not wait until the day when things like that are possibly spoken of openly to be concerned and get into the streets, pressure representatives, etc...

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