Friday, June 17, 2011

Apparently, Boehner has become a peace loving hippy re:Libya

Because he's suddenly come out against action in Libya, talking about what a bad thing it is to have military action without congressional authorization. He's sued the government, unfortunately with Kucinich and other Progressives, to try to stop the Libya operation. If this were the Bush administration, or probably any other Republican administration, what the Republicans most likely would do would be to get a vote scheduled and just approve it, not sue to stop it. They could easily do this. But, of course, times have changed, and we just can't waltz into other countries and invade them. I don't support our continual adventure in Libya either, something that has changed from being somewhat tolerable because of the things that Ghadaffi was doing to the rebels to being a war in and of itself, but I can't see the Republican leadership seriously having any moral or ethical problems with the operation.

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