Wednesday, July 13, 2011

...and of course the Statue of Liberty is a Demonic Goddess...according to Rick Perry's pastor (video)

We got it from French Freemasons! Oh no!!!!!

This is what far right Protestantism is in the U.S. these days, folks whose understanding of the Bible came out of revelations received through glossolalia rather than insights from Biblical criticism. I think that the Christians who supported stricter standards on theological interpretations had it right, even if they were, you know, uptight bastards about it. Oh Reformation, what hast thou wrought? Not to say that conservative Catholics, who do have a stricter theological tradition are somehow better. The same sort of knee jerk stupidity goes on there, with the difference being that the clerical structure is not occupied by a bunch of fucking morons, although that of the Church is evil in some ways.

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