Saturday, July 02, 2011

Class war, more than the top 1%

Which is what a lot of people tend to focus on. Making the people identified as being the enemy such a small number almost guarantees the irrelevance of the label. It contradicts everyday experience in that many people who are very, very rich don't actually belong to the top 1% of Americans. If you go to country clubs, to the fancy suburbs, and look around at the doctors, businessmen, other high paid professionals there, you'll see plenty of people living luxurious lifestyles who don't by any stretch of the imagination fit into the top 1% of Americans. It's easy to criticize billionaires, but in order to make the criticism fit the reality it's necessary to go into lower percentages. Incidentally, I suspect that one of the reasons lower percentages aren't gone into is that doing so could threaten to include parents of some activists as class enemies, a danger not as present with the top 1%.

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