Saturday, July 30, 2011

The inspirer of Breivik you haven't heard about: Bat Ye'or

Author of Eurabia, which claims that Europe is going towards a "Dhimmi" state, "Dhimmi" being the word used to denote the protected minority status of Abrahamic religions under Islam. She was, in fact, not only cited in Breivik's manifesto but cited much more often than Pamela Geller. Think Progress has a breakdown of citations Here. In fact, she appears to be the second most cited figure in his work after Robert Spencer, having nearly five times as many citations as Pamela Gellar. Loon Watch has a good intro article about her Here. Maybe some more attention needs to be paid, although she's an English author, to the second most cited source in the manifesto.

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Rune said...

More importantly: She is the main source of inspiration for the anon. blogger "Fjordman" who is the prime intellectual source for ABB.