Saturday, July 02, 2011

Interesting data on question of whether you'd rather lose your right to vote or right to bear arms

The following chart, which you can click through for a bigger version, comes from the infinitely interesting "OkTrends" blog connected to OkCupid, which serves as an unwitting repository for lots and lots of demographic data.

States with a strong preference to lose the right to vote rather than the right to bear arms include Idaho, Wyoming, West Virginia, Alabama, Mississippi, Arkansas, Louisiana, and Oklahoma. I think they severely overestimate their capabilities. Quite honestly, unless these folks are familiar with guerilla warfare, when the Army or the National Guard marching into their state, say into Wyoming for instance, the overwhelming force that they'd bring with them would like destroy any hopes of using those arms to effectively resist. So in other words, it makes sense to keep that vote.

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Anonymous said...

Fits the tea party/bircher slogan "republic, not democracy"