Wednesday, July 20, 2011

On the other hand, the danger of negative populism....

In reference to the below post. It's well and good to talk about being with "the people" but the people also sometimes do things that are reactionary and counterproductive. Reactionary not just from one standpoint but from virtually any one except those of folks who are themselves conservative and reactionary. Just approving what anyone does because of who they are is a course for failure, and one that if leftists engage in will probably lead to the eventual co-optation of the groups in question by right wing forces.

An instructive example is George Valois in France, the founder of the first French Fascist party. Before he became an outright Fascist, before Fascism even existed, he was a champion of a combination of reactionary politics and syndicalism. Reportedly, Valois criticized the anarchists of his day as being lazy degenerates, and felt that real workers didn't need to associate with them , that they should oppose them and instead put forward a working class program that honored traditional values.

Just approving anything someone does without offering your own perspective will eventually lead them to eventually question why they need you at all.

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