Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Seattle Times—today, the redneck brother of the PI talks about "Muslim Areas" in New York City.

You daily dose of anti-liberal fuckery coming from a paper with Seattle in it's name is a story with the headline: "CIA helps NYPD move covertly in Muslim areas"

What 'Muslim areas' are the NYPD moving in? Could they be in Afghanistan? Iraq? Pakistan? Please. The 'Muslim Areas' in question are neighborhoods in New York City where lots of folks who are Muslim live. In other words, the sort of ethnic neighborhoods that New York is known for and that aren't third world countries populated by enemies, but by citizens and people who are productive members of society.

To see the anti-religious, and implicitly racist, prejudice in the headline more clearly, picture a newspaper headline referring to the South Bronx saying "CIA helps NYPD move covertly in African areas". Perhaps "Muslim occupied zones" sounded too racist.

It should be noted that although the story is from the Associated Press, the local papers are the ones who choose the headlines.

Thank you, Seattle Times, for making your biases obvious in a crystal clear fashion for all the world to see.

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