Thursday, September 22, 2011

Another take on the hikers and Iran from The Stranger

Just a short comment, but an important one, from Charles Mudede:

"If they are not CIA agents, if they were really hiking along the Iran/Iraq border for recreation, then they are nothing but self-centered bastards. And not because they put their own lives at risk, a risk that comes with the feeling that American individuals have the right to express their wonderful freedoms everywhere in the world, but because they put so many other lives (the lives of very poor people) at risk with this politically volatile adventure. This part of the world is not a fucking joke. The people do not need more tension, more stress, more fuel added to an already explosive situation. I hope they are spies."

While it's not good how they were being held etc..., quite honestly the progressive press has never really looked at how stupid it is for people from America to a) go for a hiking trip in Iraq, even while helping out in Kurdistan, and b) go for a hiking trip in Iraq near the Iran border. The hikers themselves have said that the border wasn't marked....but surely they knew they were near the border even though there wasn't a sign saying "This is the border with Iran" It's on maps and stuff.

I think that Iran took this as an opportunity to give a lesson to what it saw as arrogant Americans, a lesson saying that just because you're an American doesn't mean that you can go anywhere, do anything, and violate a hostile country's borders without consequences.

That out of the way, although it's good that they're out now, I can't help but wonder if they'd have gotten as much attention if the parents of two of them weren't Berkeley area progressives who are heavily tied into progressive culture there.

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