Tuesday, September 20, 2011

The idea that Marx didn't believe in moral imperatives, but only in economic ones, is false

I've been coming across this idea a lot. The truth is that Marx saw the transformation of society as being profoundly moral, as being the liberation of humanity, itself an extremely moral undertaking. The idea that moral ideas don't figure into his strain of thought, and that somehow only a base materialism mattered, is laughable. Marx saw economic interest and overall societal morality as being interrelated in the case of socialism, with the interests of the working class being in line with the moral interest of humanity itself. It's just that the morality is implied rather than spelled out. It's assumed that folks will understand that people working for nothing in factories while the owners, who do little, make lots of money, is both morally wrong on a societal level and also against the immediate interest of the workers themselves. Conversely, the fight for the interest of workers is also a fight for the interest of humanity, morally and otherwise.

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